Michelle Obama talks about education with girls who have done the World’s Largest Lesson in Kenya, Ghana and the Philippines


Students in Nairobi, Kenya discuss the Global Goals


In New York today, on the side of the United Nations General Assembly, Michelle Obama is having a conversation with adolescent girls about the importance of making sure all girls, everywhere, have a quality education. The First Lady of the United States of America has shown incredible leadership around the issue of girls’ education around the world, through her Let Girls Learn initiative and now with the launch of her new #62million girls campaign.


Two of the major barriers to girls accessing education are discrimination, as in many communities a boy’s education is valued above a girl’s; and early marriage, when girls are entered into arranged marriages as young as 13 years old and have to drop out of school.


These are issues being discussed by girls, and boys, around the world this week, with the help of our gender equality lesson plans, focusing on Goal 4 and 5 of the Global Goals – quality education and gender equality. Two such classrooms have had the opportunity to end their World’s Largest Lesson by asking Michelle Obama and Julia Gillard, the ex-Prime Minister of Australia and now Chair of the Global Partnership for Education, what they and other world leaders can do to help reduce discrimination and to end early child marriage, so that girls can stay in school.


A girls’ school in Nairobi, Kenya, supported by Plan International, and a girls’ school in rural Ghana, supported by CAMFED, undertook the World’s Largest Lesson and then recorded questions on child marriage and discrimination, as well as asking for advice on mentors and careers. The same classrooms will be watching closely to hear the answers to their urgently important question. The event is being streamed live for everyone to watch. AOL.com/glamourforedu


Also joining the panel is Charlize Theron, Founder of the Africa Outreach, and Nurfhada, a girl ambassador from Plan International, will join the panel.  People everywhere can also join the conversation on Twitter using #GlamourForEdu and follow us on @TheWorldsLesson.


We hope this event will add to the discussions in your classrooms about all the Global Goals, all over the world this week.