Mumbai shelter

The Power of Volunteering in achieving the SDGs

As the World’s Largest Lesson India starts to take off across the country we are seeing people volunteering to help teach children about the Sustainable Development Goals. Individuals are taking time out from their every day life to make sure the young generation are informed and educated about the goals and the actions they can take to help achieve them.

One example is Kanchan Shine, a young lady who is volunteering at the Salaam Baalak Trust, a shelter home in Mumbai, twice a week. The shelter provides a safe place for children who have been forced onto the streets due to poverty or violence. Within this safe space the children are learning about how climate change and gender inequality are negatively effecting India, and the wider world. Kanchan is using the World’s Largest Lesson animated films and comics to educate the children in a engaging and fun way, she has also developed her own work sheet for follow on classes.

Kanchan is not only teaching the children but also encouraging them to take action to help achieve the goals. They have done activities around recycling and reusing materials in the shelter homes, and they are currently developing their own gender equality comic, after watching the Mighty Girl and Chakra the Invincible short film. Through the voluntary efforts of one individual, these children, despite the challenges they are facing in life, are coming together to take action to help make India a more sustainable and equal place.

Saket Mani is another example of a volunteer who is taking the World’s Largest Lesson India around the country. Saket is a youth activist who works tirelessly to raise awareness and call for action to achieve the goals, especially gender equality. Saket is travelling the country and giving workshops to other young people about the Sustainable Development Goals. He is encouraging other young people to spread the word and run their own workshops, especially in schools.

These stories highlight how individual action can and will help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. If everyone takes action we will be able to achieve a world free of poverty, inequality and injustice by 2030. Join us!