Girls in Delhi take action to reduce discrimination in their community

A group of girls in Delhi, kept witnessing people being treated differently because of the colour of their skin, and decided to take action (with the support of their school) to address this.

After learning about the UN Sustainable Development Goals at school, they were encouraged to think about what was happening in their community and how they could help. They decided the injustice of prejudice around skin tone was what they would focus on, and they decided to do the following:

• They wrote a play to raise awareness about the issue and performed it across their community and in a range of schools.
• They held sessions with parents and teachers to ask for them to help educate children about the importance of treating everyone as equals
• They made a short ‘black and white’ video to show people as equals, rather than by the colour of their skin
• They wrote letters to companies who develop adverts for skin products, asking for equality in skin tone representation

The students found that at times other children were not that comfortable talking about discrimination but they persevered, with the support of parents and teachers, and in the end children started to open up and discuss the importance of making changes.

The students know it will take time to make lasting change, and are now planning on rolling out their work with other schools in the local area. The World’s Largest Lesson India is supporting them in their continued work to reduce discrimination, thus helping India achieve Goal 10 of the Sustainable Development Goals ‘Reduced Inequalities’.