Use the power of comics

Meet’Chakra the Invincible’ and ‘Mighty Girl’, two Indian children who have superpowers. These stories highlight some of the sustainable development issues affecting children in India. They introduce the Global Goals, show how children can help achieve the Global Goals and call on children to act! The characters were developed by Stan Lee and Graphic India.

Introducing the Goals and focus on Clean Water & Sanitation – Chakra The Invincible and Mighty Girl learn about the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and meet a real life superhero from Bangalore who is trying to help India conserve water.

Gender Equality – Through a twist of fate Chakra: The Invincible switches bodies with his best friend Leela and learns how differently Leela is treated at home and in the world

Climate Action – Chakra The Invincible and Mighty Girl discover that Climate Change is affecting far more than just the weather and learn that urgent action is needed to switch to renewable energy.

Quality Education – Chakra The Invincible and Mighty Girl discover how a vast number of children in India are not getting the quality education they deserve and learn what can be done to help ensure education for all.


""I guess one person can make a difference. " "

Stan Lee , comic-book writer, former president and chairman of Marvel Comics